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Need to structure your business? Need to learn how to work through a 100+ vendor list? Want to avoid wasting time and money trying to start your business? Want access to business grants? This guide is for you! I will show you step-by-step on how to find the perfect vendor for your business! If you haven’t purchased THE LAVISH Vendor List then you are missing out! This list includes some of the BEST wholesale vendors in the world, No matter what industry you’re in! We have the BEST hair, boutique, makeup, accessories, and many more vendors. We have successfully helped 17 businesses find the perfect vendor! Once you purchase you will receive the Replay from our advanced vendor seminar, the lavish vendors list, and a guide on how to legitimize your business. 10 Business Grants are also in this presentation. For Grant writing services, Please schedule consultation before purchasing your Grant list! All grants are NOT guaranteed and are business specific. If you already have a list of grants, then you will need to submit them to me before your consultation for further review. You will be able to apply for 3 grants, any additional grants will be an additional fee.

    Excluding Sales Tax
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